Wonderflow Unveils New Brand

Wonderflow PR

We have just launched our new brand. We believe it reflects our passion and commitment for consumer-based innovation. The logo comes with new fonts, design and a renewed company statement, Advanced Consumer Feedback Analysis. 

According to CEO Riccardo Osti, “the intention behind this new branding is
to communicate our value proposition of delivering a world-class customer feedback analysis, with unparalleled accuracy and a simple UI.”

The logo represents:

1. Growth:​ which is our first goal for us and for our customers.

2. Charts: ​which is how we visualise our precious data.

3. The W: ​which is us, Wonderflow.

Together with our new branding we launched a new website. It now has a deeper focus on the advantages that we provide to our clients. COO, Michele Ruini states, “the new look and the re-design of the website is the first step towards the evolution of our brand.”

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