The Wonderboard

The most advanced and easy to use
NLP Dashboard in the market


A tool for everyone

The Wonderboard users fall in love with it, as it is by far the easiest-to-use NLP dashboard in the market. It is so simple to learn that the users become proficient in under 30 minutes. No technical skills are required to benefit from our Natural Language Processing tool. This is why our user base is so wide and diverse: from interns to CEOs. For the first time in history text analysis becomes accessible to anyone in the company, and is not limited to researchers, data scientists and techies.

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A modern take on market research.

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Product and Service improvement

The Wonderboard helps you measure the Return on Investment (ROI) coming from your last R&D improvement or Marketing campaign. With the Aspects Trend feature, you will be able to track the customer perception on specific aspects of your products/services over-time, and answer questions such as: How would customers react to improvements/updates? What will be the return on my investment?

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Performance measurement

The Wonderboard helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your products as well as competitor through the easiest UI: the Pros and Cons feature offers you all the information you need to make decisions based on customers’ sentiment, answering questions such as: what are the main drivers of customer satisfaction? What are the main detractors?
  • Rating and Sentiment trends
  • Popularity
  • Category and Market trends

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Outsmart the competition

The Wonderboard can collect public records about any of your competitors and their products. Knowing your competition through the voice of their clients has never been so easy. We perform deep analysis on online reviews, social networks, forums and more. Know how to win them over in one click, design the dream features of their clients and acquire market shares.
  • Comparison mode (product, brand, channel, country)
  • Missing features
  • Ideal communication messages

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Prioritise on what is important for clients

In the last years we have developed an innovative technology that reveals the customer sentiment towards specific aspects of your offering and, at the same time, tells you how relevant is each aspect for customer satisfaction. The Relevance chart gives you a top 10 ranking of what drives your star rating, or customer’s happiness. You can segment this analysis by country, channel or even customer persona.
  • Our technology measures the relevance of each topic/feature on customers satisfaction

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Get great answers fast

Many users of the Wonderboard try to collect the answers to some recurrent questions about their products and the experiences. This is why we have created the Automatic Insights feature, which enables users to preset questions. Our technology uses mathematical models to extract the answers and present them in the first page of the dashboard. This would save you up to 90% of your time for research.
  • Grouping
  • Overall insights
  • Automatic insights

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Customer testimonial

We make complex text analysis easy and accessible to anyone in your company. The simplicity of our tool, together with our all-in-one process will make you motivated to research, and eventually more successful. Take a look at our testimonial. Philips already improves its product and services with Wonderflow.

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