Wonder Interviews: Fred Rocha, Memeoirs

Bernat Masurier Blog

First of a series of interviews with founders and executives from technology-driven companies. Today’s entrepreneur is Fred Rocha, COO and founder ofMemeoirs. The company transforms conversations into books and sells them all over the world.

Who are you?

“I am Fred Rocha, one of the co-founders of Memeoirs, and although I have a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering I have worn many hats since the inception of the project. Currently I am in charge of Marketing and Communication, as well as Costumer Satisfaction. I am a citizen of the world with keen interest in cinema, literature, food and politics. In one word, Life.”

Find Fred on fredrocha.net, or as @john_fisherman.

Could you describe the process you follow to create new products?

“Memeoirs started off as an email to book service, allowing anyone to create a beautiful book containing their emails, in a fully automatic way and without any need to be knowledgeable in design. We expanded the services we support to Facebook and WhatsApp, and improved largely the quality and stability of the overall experience and product. But strictly speaking we stuck to our original product.”

Could you describe the process you follow to improve existing products?
“Ideas are born everyday. We note down the most promising ones (we use Trello to track these) and let them slowly move from just Ideas to Up Next to In Progress, after a lot of debating and contextualising. It’s key to know what to say no to (95% of stuff).

Do you use consumer feedbacks to drive product innovation?

A lot of these ideas come from the conversations we have with our customers. After a while and after having some traction people will keep coming back with essentially the same problems, making it really simple to understand what should be addressed first. On top of this we love giving our personal creative touch, and come up with solution no one asked for but that awe and inspire folks looking into the perfect way to preserve their online communications.”

Could you tell us a story about the creation of a successful (or unsuccessful) product?

“There was this moment when we were in TechPeaks, Italy, and we had just revamped our platform, after gathering a lot of customer feedback. We had been working for months on this new version, and despite having run lots of user tests, there were still a lot of question marks regarding the way it would handle the real world. We had this customer who was in the process of getting her book with the emails from her son traveling to another continent, and she was having problems finishing it using our older version. When we upgraded she was the first in line to test the new Memeoirs, got her books and gave us not only a hefty deal but also loads of compliments. She was enthralled. And we were very proud, with a feeling of mission accomplished.”

Customers’ feedbacks are essential for Memeoirs’ software innovation. Furthermore they often connect to some customers and establish a personal relationship to get valuable insights from them.