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To be a customer-centric company means that all levels within the organization are involved. This is why we offer a capability that is accessible to all levels of interest within your organization, from the board, to management and operations.

Board members & Directors

The decision to become customer-centric is a company is a top-down and bottom-up process. Nevertheless, it needs to be supported or -even better- initiated by the board.

Wonderflow offers a capability that is useful for strategic insights at a company or division level. The board can oversee a large amount of customer feedback in one glance, all put together in one clear overview. This can help them to steer the company to fulfil a customer-centric strategy.

  • Reporting tool for top management
  • Strategic insights for the company
  • Global overall view
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Business leaders & Management

For the implementation of the strategy, it is important for management and group leaders to have the right insights. Are the right decisions being taken? Are products and services developed according to plan?

With the Wonderboard, the dashboard offered by Wonderflow, management has the perfect tool to have a global (or regional) view on how strategy leads to results.

  • Marketing management
  • Customer experience lead
  • Product development
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Operations & Teams

When you work on a day-to-day basis with customer feedback, you need to have an accessible tool that makes complex data easy to interpret.

The Wonderboard offers 24/7 insight on the most detailed level of analysis. You can see if your communication campaign is sending out the right message and if your product improvements are resulting in better reviews.

  • Actionable insights
  • Replace traditional research
  • Competitor analysis
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