The most important sources of customer feedback in 2019 (PART 1)

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The world has changed, and everybody knows it. However, Market Research is still made in the same way we used to do 60 years ago. You can learn more about it in this video, where we explain why traditional market research, alone, is not enough anymore.

In our current reality, customers can deliver feedback in a more accurate way, spontaneously. Actually, they do it everyday, and the amount of Curious to know how? So please, enjoy the video, and let me know your opinion about it in the comments!

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If you are watching this video, maybe you realized that in 2019 you really have to stop sending with traditional market research. Interviews, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups et cetera, did not evolve in the last 30 years, while our needs, as customers, changed dramatically.

Think about the speed at which we interact with products on social networks or the way we give feedback about our experiences. Today’s customers share everything they think about products and services via email, through the customer service, often managed on social platforms, or on ecommerce, in the form of reviews.

Today I will tell you which are the most important sources of customer feedback in 2019.

Number 1: product or service reviews. This is the holy grail of customer feedback. If today you don’t analyze what customers write in reviews your are missing out on the most important source of information. Period. You need to go out there and figure out what customers say on the platforms where your products are sold. If you are a product company you shall start with Amazon reviews, if you represent a hotel you better go to reviews, if you have a restaurant? Go to TripAdvisor! Not only reviews are large in number and very insightful from a research perspective, but they drive sales

You need to find the answer to this question: your customers base their purchase decision on reviews written by someone else, so if for them reviews are so important, how important should they be for you?

Number 2: customer service data. Your customers are calling your call center or contacting someone from your customer care department every day. They call you because they don’t understand something about your product or service, or they call you because something got broken or didn’t work as expected. It’s straightforward that you cannot live without analyzing this source of information. Customer service interactions often contain insights to improve the communication of your offering, to predict failures, to change how you manage disruptions and much more. If you analyze this type of content and you do something with it, you will be able to reduce the number of interactions, you will reduce costs, and make more profit. I will tell you which are the other most important sources of customer insights in the second part of this video. You will find the link here when it becomes available.