Riccardo Osti

Founder & CEO
at Wonderflow | Public Speaker

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About Riccardo

CEO at Wonderflow: the world’s best consumer feedback analysis platform. In the last years, Riccardo has helped more 20 Fortune 1000 companies to become consumer-centric and dramatically increase their profitability. Today he leads a global team of 80+ collaborators across 10 countries.

“One of our alumni is a very talented B2B salesperson, strong conceptual thinker, and a super solid public speaker.”

Rune Theil, CEO Rockstart

What to expect

Riccardo has worked with more than 20 Fortune 1000 companies, helping them to improve their customer experience.

Marketing, Product Development
& Customer Care

Riccardo Osti is changing the way global companies look at Customer Feedback. In this talk, the audience will learn about main reasons it is essential to analyze customer feedback in order to become consumer-centric.

The Technology Behind It:

The best and most effective way to analyze Customer Feedback is through NLP, or Natural Language Processing. Riccardo will take you on a tour in the world of AI, rule-based technology and related topics, all in non-technical words and easy to understand for everybody.

Sales & Business

In the last years, Riccardo has closed many complex enterprise sales and has been through the entire journey, from cold calling to deal closing. He will describe the process and the skills required to achieve the final goal: sales.

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About Wonderflow

At Wonderflow we believe in the power of the voice of the customer. Nowadays no company cannot afford not to listen to what customers say about you. Because we are such strong believers we offer our clients an integrated solution in one go. We go all the way in serving them and support them to become completely customer-centric, offering Customer Feedback analysis, through NLP technology. Do you want to know more about us? Please visit wonderflow.co