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Founded in 1984, Vestel is a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing company. The group is consisting of 28 brands specialized in electronics, major appliances and information technology. They entered the smartphone market in 2014.

In this review of the week, we will talk about Vestel. In fact, in 2006 they were the largest TV producer in Europe with more than 8 million units sold. We will see the experience of a customer in the review below. At Wonderflow we collect and extract insights from thousands sources of consumer feedback, so that our insights are always based on numbers and statistically significant.

By reading this review, Vestel can gather precious insights:

  1. Learn what clients say
  2. Design improvements
  3. Measure improvements performance again
  4. Repeat consumer feedback loop

Click on the infographic below to find out insights from a customer of Vestel:

Feel free to reach out ( if you want to know more.

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