Review of the week: Veet hair remover cream

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Accumulating reviews for products and services has many benefits. Especially in some industries, such as Cosmetics and Body care, reviews are essential to understanding the pros and cons of your product, how is it working against competitors and if customers would recommend your product. Reviews can increase confidence in potential buyers and they can even be used to activate seller ratings on Google Ads. However, there’s another benefit of reviews that you should be tapping into if you’re not already.

NLP-equipped tools such as Wonderflow’s Wonderboard can pull together customer feedback and analyze it, showing how frequently different pros and cons are mentioned. It is completely customized according to customer needs, so it can highlight aspects that are most important for each industry.

The Review of the Week today is for the hair removal cream Veet, for Sensitive Skin. Based on a single review, Wonderboard is able to analyze information and generate relevant insights, that may improve customer experience and directly influence a purchase increase.

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