Review of the Week: Pedigree Dentastix Dog Dental Treats

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There are plenty of reasons why becoming customer-centric is turning more relevant now-a-days. Here in this post you can find some arguments defending the importance of improving loyalty rates, since “companies can expect to spend $0.28 to earn another dollar of revenue from an existing customer. Meanwhile, it costs $1.18 to earn another dollar from a new customer”. This means that it directly affects company’s ROI, and so it should be taken as a top priority within organizations.

The Review of the Week today is for Pedigree, one of the top brands in the pet care industry. Even though the product is well accepted by customers’ dogs, it doesn’t fulfill their owners’ expectations. From customer feedback analysis, the Marketing team can evaluate for example if the product is being well targeted, if it should focus its communication efforts in another sort of message (product’s flavor, for example), or if it is necessary to make changes in the product itself. They can even realize some features, like product smell, are really well perceived, and use it on their benefit.

This single example below is doing what the Wonderboard does for all the information generated by customers: extracting valuable information and turning it into insights.

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