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This week, we chose a special product review. It’s special because the site where it was taken from shows that the brand actually listens and reacts to the reviews that consumers write. Unfortunately, it is not very common to come across public interactions between brands and consumers outside of social media.

This week’s review is for the Huawei Honor 8 smartphone. Below a screen shot of said interaction:


We found this online review on, where this product has 176 consumer reviews to this date and an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is also stated that 89% of consumers stated they would recommend this product to a friend.

In this product review, the consumer highlights their perceived value for money. Some opportunities for improvement are also mentioned, especially regarding the user interface. However, the customer rates the product with 5 stars.

Check out the infographic below to discover our analysis of this review:

huawei honor 8

Besides replying directly to consumers’ reviews in websites like we wonder if Huawei is using consumer feedback to improve their products and marketing.

Click here to read the original review.

Click here to have your product’s consumer feedback analyzed!

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