Review Of The Week: Gillette Venus Swirl

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Some weeks ago, we published an article about incentivized online product reviews. This week, we want to show you our analysis of one of them.

We went to and selected the popular Gillette Venus Swirl razor. This product has 983 product reviews on said channel and an average star rating of 4.42 out of 5 stars. It is also stated that 82% of the customers recommend this product.

Please read the infographic below to discover our analysis of an incentivized review:

Review Of The Week: Gillette Venus Swirl

At Wonderflow, we are able to identify incentivized reviews. This allows our customers to compare the analysis of all the reviews together or filter out the incentivized reviews. They can also see the specific performance of the incentivized reviews in case they want to measure a campaign’s results. This feature is also enabled for competing products.

Click here to read the original review.

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