Review of the week: Dr. Scholl Comfort and Energy Work Insoles

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As you might see in this article from our blog, 70% of customers consult product reviews before making a purchase, so they can absolutely assist in boosting revenue. That is one of the reasons why understanding in detail about what customers care about is so important, so brands can improve their marketing communication, or even product features.

The Review of the Week today is for Dr. Scholl Comfort and Energy Work Insoles. In this review we can see important information that could be used by marketing and product development. Regarding the good features in client’s opinion, it is essential to advertise them, and understand that these are the ones customers really care about.

On the other hand, the negative feedback is important to improve the product itself, or also clarify doubts on its package (which can also be valuable for marketing team).

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Carina Cleto

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