The best solution to translate consumer feedback into actionable insights: the Wonderboard

The Wonderboard users fall in love with it, as it is by far the easiest-to-use NLP dashboard in the market. Our steep learning curve enables users to become proficient in under 30 minutes No technical skills are required to benefit from a NLP tool. This is why our user base is so wide and diverse: from interns to CEOs.

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80% faster setup, up to 40% higher accuracy, 300% easier learning curve

How it works


We gather all kinds of consumer feedback, such as online reviews or customer service data


We analyse texts using language processing techniques, enriched by hi-end human quality check


We publish results in the Wonderboard, the best dashboard to understand the consumer experience


Our sentiment analysis technology determines what customers like or dislike about your products. This helps you identify what’s best to advertise and also what should be improved to sell more.


Our proprietary “Relevance” algorithm reveals what drives customers to buy your products. This helps you decide where to invest your marketing budget and it’s crucial to design your new best-seller products.


We monitor price and rating fluctuations of your products to help you determine which is the price that maximises customer’s satisfaction.


We know that reading reports can take long, that’s why we summarise all relevant data and we publish them in our “Insights” pages. In the same page you also find a general recap of the analysis that gives all info you need, at a glance.


Wonderflow’s advanced sampler collects the most relevant reviews about your product in one page. This selection of meaningful reviews will give you a clear view of the status of your products, while saving you from reading thousands of opinions.


We compare your products with their direct competitors to unveil whether they outperform competitors (or vice versa). This is key to understand their limits and acquire market shares.

Filters & groups

Browsing and filtering results has never been so fast. Group products by price, brand, category, country and more. You can make a market research in 1 minute or less.

Teamwork features

Your team can do much better than individuals alone. That’s why we designed our software to be collaborative. R&D and Marketing will collaborate in a better way.


We fully support multilanguage to help you improve products and marketing worldwide: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Chinese.

Advanced reporting

We know that making a presentation can be long and frustrating. We’ll save you time by exporting key data to Excel, Word and Powerpoint format.

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