Full service with
all-in pricing

Wonderflow aims to provide clear pricing options, without surprises. Our sales team is ready to talk you through the options and provide you with a tailored solution for your unique situation.

The pricing model is based on a few key elements. It fits any business in any industry, no matter the size of your company. We focus on the ROI of every project.

The more professionals within your company work with the Wonderflow solution, the better it will function. There are many different use-cases for different departments. For this reason, there is no seat-based cost.

  • Wonderflow supports over 12 languages, including non-Latin ones.
  • We can collect from almost any data source such as e-commerce platforms, app stores, social media platforms, traditional research data, NPS data, customer service feedback, review platforms, and more.
  • We offer an integrated solution with one point of contact to service you on all the steps within the process.

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