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Video: How to grow your business online during the Coronavirus crisis

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The importance of online reviews We are facing an unprecedented situation and, in several countries, governments have already taken drastic measures to reduce the spread of the virus, and more...

How to prioritize product development

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For most product managers, the process of new ideas and directions for product development is a relatively straightforward one. It gets more complicated when it comes to the real-world problem...

Video: Working with Scaleups – How to structure the team to dramatically increase engagement

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To grow their profitability, companies need a great product, a great relationship with key stakeholders and a vast adoption. This blog describes the structure organizations need to facilitate the adoption...

The importance of customer feedback for eCommerce platforms

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Amazon wants to improve its customers’ experience by presenting them only with high-quality products. How are eCommerce platform planning on assessing products’ quality? Customer feedback. This means that if brands...