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Introduction Image for an interview with Luigi Matrone

An Interview with Luigi Matrone

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How did they do it? This series aims to inspire and aid true customer-centricity, and highlight the implemenation and integration of customer experience and the voice of the customer in...
customer reviews

Video: Why it’s hard to get many customer reviews

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Reviews represent the number one factor that influences the purchase decisions of future customers. 90% of customers say that reviews have played a crucial role in their decision-making. If you...
Customer Churn rate

Video: Measure the health of your business using Customer Churn rate KPI

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We hope you liked the last videos, where we explained the top three KPIs to convert your company into a Customer-centric one. So far, we’ve described the concepts of Customer...
Text analysis examples

Text Analysis Examples: social media sentiment, workforce performance, competitor intelligence and more

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Introduction: a simple explanation In its simplest form text analysis is just counting words. The interesting part is how you choose what to count and what you do with it....