Use case: How NLP can improve your NPS

Drive revenue with a higher NPS

Many companies collect data from their current and potential clients to build a Net Promoter Score. In most cases a higher NPS ultimately means more revenue. However, analyzing NPS data is not as simple as it seems and many struggle with it. And most of all, they don’t know how to turn the data into actionable insights.

Is your company collecting NPS data and do you really want to analyse this data deeply to get actionable insights? Do you understand how t a higher NPS will generate higher revenues? Read this use-case on how the NLP-technology used by Wonderflow can work for you.

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growth of your NPS, will increase your overall revenue by 1%


of consumers would also trust other consumer opinions posted online


higher growth rate for CX leaders than laggards

You collect NPS data. What’s next?

Very likely you have put in a lot of effort in collecting feedback from your clients. And you probably even try to analyze all this data and report it to management teams. This means that your organistion is already serious about customer feedback. This is an acheivement in itself, but the process should be much less time-consuming and much more nimble. And do you know how accurate your analysis is? Or what you could do with it?

Data does not tell you what to do. An actionable insight does.

Riccardo OstiCEO and CO-founder of Wonderflow

This is where NLP comes in. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an AI-based technique that  automatically interprets text, just like a human being does. But being achine based it’s faster, more consistent and in the long run is more accurate. Which makes NLP perfect to analyze NPS data.

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Distill, report and predict

NPS data very often is a mix of a quantitative score, combined with written text from the client. Both sets of data need to be analyzed closely together.

  • Distill: Conflicting combinations of feedback (eg. high NPS with a negative review) need to be looked at closely and put into context. We at Wonderflow call this ‘distilling the data’.
  • Report: After distilling the large amount of data with the use of the NLP-engine, you would like to get the right insights. This is done through an easy to use dashboard, The Wonderboard. Here you’ll get all the insights you need.
  • Predict: And there is more! The Wonderboard gives you actionable insights that tell you exactly what to do and predict the possible effects  on your Net Promotor Score.
Before we start analyzing your NPS data, we define a roadmap based on your requirements and goals.
We import any type of qualitative and quantitative data from any NPS survey tool.
Our linguistic team implements the topics that are important for you to analyze into a dictionary.
All the data is analyzed and checked on relevance. This is done by our AI-based NLP-engine. This is the heart of the process.
The analysis is presented in The Wonderboard, an easy to use online dashboard. Here the data is turned into actionable insights. You can make your own selections and comparisons of the different data sections. It is easy to use for non-technical professionals.
In order to get the highest ROI, you need to build a rock-solid feedback loop. Our consultants are experts in this field.

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Turn your NPS into revenue!

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