Wonderflow is the winner of the Martech Startup Award 2016

Cecilia Lopez PR

We have excellent news. Wonderflow is the winner of the Martech Startup Award 2016! The Martech Startup Award is a prize for companies that make software for marketing, commerce, CRM, social, customer services and/or analytics. This prize was awarded for the first time in 2015. Amongst several companies offering valuable and innovative solutions to the marketing industry, Wonderflow won the …

Wonderflow Raises New Investment Round

Cecilia Lopez PR

We are happy to announce a new investment round, led by several Dutch entrepreneurs. This investment follows the seed received in 2015 and will help the company to scale faster. Regarding the investment, CEO Riccardo Osti and CTO Giovanni Gaglione said that these resources will be used to strengthen Wonderflow’s position in the market, by consolidating the consumer feedback analysis platform …

Wonderflow launches new product: CX-Report

Cecilia Lopez PR

We are happy to unveil our newest solution to analyze consumer feedback: the CX-Report. A snapshot of consumer knowledge The CX-Report is a compact report that delivers you key consumer insights about a product/service of your choice. How does it work? Easily! You just have to tell us the following three simple things: What product/service you are interested in Which …

Wonderflow’s CEO interviewed about 5 billions of consumer reviews

Cecilia Lopez PR

Wonderflow made it to the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016. Our CEO, Riccardo Osti’s interview is part of a series of articles published in relation to this event. The article talks about the opportunity to learn from big data and how challenging it can be to extract solid conclusions out of unstructured texts. Riccardo explains how Wonderflow overcomes this issue and …

KPMG about Wonderflow and the value of online customer reviews

Cecilia Lopez PR

We ran a project together with KPMG in order to analyze customer reviews for some of the largest Dutch insurance companies. This resulted in one article published on their blog. The article does not only address the impact of online reviews on consumer choices but also explains why it can be challenging to extract solid conclusions from this type of feedback. …

Wonderflow Unveils New Brand

Wonderflow PR

We have just launched our new brand. We believe it reflects our passion and commitment for consumer-based innovation. The logo comes with new fonts, design and a renewed company statement, Advanced Consumer Feedback Analysis.