5-star reviews should be your digital ambition

On average, an improvement in a product review rating by one star can lead to an increase in revenue of 5 to 9%. This means that having tools to understand and analyze the voice of the consumer is essential to build a competitive advantage. This is also why customer feedback play an essential role within Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies.

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of consumers check reviews before purchase


of consumers check mobile reviews while shopping


of consumers trust a review as a recommendation

In just 3 steps to actionable insights


Data collection

We collect customer feedback from public and private sources, in multiple languages. This can range from e-commerce platforms to app stores. Even existing free text data can be ingested and used for analysis.

Data analysis

Based on the Artificial Intelligence of Natural Language Processing (NLP), our technology automatically reads and interprets texts and sentiments. Fully automated.


Actionable insights are published on the dashboard and are accessible to everyone. This is the starting point of building the feedback loop together.
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Wonderflow's analysis flow

How customer-centric are you?

In less than one minute, we can tell you how the right customer feedback analysis can make you more successful. Don’t hesitate – try the Customer Experience Calculator and get your score.

We offer complete customer feedback analysis in one place

  • Data collection
  • Structuring dataset
  • Configure linguistics
  • Analyze the data
  • 24/7 dashboard
  • Custom reporting
  • Unlimited user-accounts
  • Training & E-learning
  • Export options
  • Support & Consultancy
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