Descriptive analytics

Customers write a lot about products, services and, in general, about their experiences. If we think about the digital world, it is easy to find places where they (us) publish feedback: review websites like Amazon, blogs, social messengers like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or simply the email. If you look deeper, you will realise that a lot of information are also contained in the open texts answers to surveys, the NPS (Net Promoter Score) or in the calls to the customer care department. Last year customers left more than 5 billion feedback, which is now publicly available on the web for others to read.

It goes without saying that brands would be able to learn a lot from these texts. However finding, collecting and processing free texts is challenging. It requires complex technologies, a team of data scientists and deep understanding of the business. On average it takes one year for an enterprise to gather the first results. On top of this, we should consider that markets are changing and competitors are active too.

For these reasons we created the Wonderboard, our online dashboard that takes care of the entire analysis process, from data finding, through linguistic setup, to the most insightful analysis.

Having a clear picture of what is happening to, and around our products has never been so easy. Please contact us if you want to know more about our best-in-class analysis platform. If you are still considering to do the analysis manually, you may be interested in our whitepaper “How to analyse consumer feedback”.

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