Using Artificial Intelligence to unify all feedback sources into one easy-to-use platform

Our Artificial Intelligence tool unveils actionable insights from feedback through Natural Language Processing (NLP). From over 200 sources, including ratings and reviews, contact center data, and social media posts, Wonderflow analyzes unstructured and structured feedback, so your people can focus on what matters most: delighting customers and driving your business forward.

How we do it

Cost savings

Our clients report saving up to 80% on traditional research costs and CMI solutions


Focus on what matters

Our clients save 90% of their time usually spent on data analysis and reporting


Involve all the stakeholders

The adoption rate of the Wonderboard is 10x higher than market average

Data we collect from all public and private channels:

App reviews
E-commerce reviews
Call center records
Email conversations

We built a solid feedback loop through data science

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1. Quick Scan

We investigate your current data collection on customer feedback. We analyze the way you analyze this data, how it is distributed and used within your company and what your business goals are.

2. Setup data collection

Public and private data are collected from a range of sources in multiple languages. We collect any type of textual content such as online reviews, client and agent NPS, surveys, emails, customer service reports and even from the app stores.

3. Configure the NLP engine

We perform linguistic configuration to translate consumer language into your corporate language. Rules are developed to perform a linguistic analysis, in which humans teach the machine to find and categorize mentions into topics.

4. Analyze and quality check

Based on the Artificial Intelligence of NLP, our technology automatically mimics the human ability to comprehend texts. It makes a sentiment analysis and generates automatic insights, understandable by any business person.

5. Report and train the team

Results are published on the dashboard to make them accessible to everyone 24/7 and not exclusive to data scientists. We also provide periodic reports, including evidence from the analysis as well as our recommendation on how to implement the learnings into the product life cycle. We do this together with 1-on-1 training of the whole team.

6. Consult and build

Creating a solid feedback loop is not easy. Our experts are dealing with this on a daily basis and will help you use the Wonderflow NLP capability within all relevant departments and users. In this way, you become an integrated consumer-centric and successful company.

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How customer-centric are you?

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An unparalleled solution


  • Fast set-up
  • Data collection
  • Structuring data sets
  • Configure linguistics
  • Analyze the data
  • 24/7 dashboard
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Custom reporting
  • Training & e-learning
  • Export options
  • Support & consultancy


Other providers focus on one specific stage, leaving you with a lot of work to do or to search for and coordinate multiple suppliers.

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Want to know how you can become customer-centric just like our other clients? Get in touch right now and we’ll get back to you.

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