Use case: Customer experience

Customer experience is USP #1 for insurance

The Insurance Industry struggles with a reputation issue. Customers feel distant from the financial corporation as it is often believed to be self interested and opportunistic.

Companies need to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by introducing the concept of lifetime partnership, building a periodical and constant relation with customers for the duration of their life. This going beyond the reaction on an enquiry or a complaint but focuses on prevention and assistance in all stages of the clients’ journey.

Why should you read this case study?

Are you working in the financial and/or insurance sector and are you responsible for the customer experience or customer insights within your company, then you should read this case. It gives a clear example on how customer feedback analysis can help you building a better experience for your clients.

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of insurance companies expect CX to be the the most important topic in the years to come


of customers have had no interactions with their insurers over the last 18 months


of dissatisfied insurance customers ar more likely to tell others than in other sectors

Both B-to-B and B-to-C

In this project Wonderflow was asked to investigate the different communication channels the company has with the major stakeholders: 

  1. B-to-B: relationship between the company and the agents
  2. B-to-C: contact with end users

The opinions and feedback of both were collected on a multitude of touchpoints, such as online reviews, socials, internal CRM systems, emails to the customer service, chats, surveys and many more.

The challenges we faced:

  • Key question: find out on what customers want, when and how they want to interact with their agent/provider
  • Old fashioned backend CRM system that has limited exchange options with innovative marketing systems
  • Responsibility: no designated manager or expert appointed, making the digital turnaround hard to manage
  • No or little support from the board and higher management

Better experience and increased satisfaction

Wonderflow analysis showed new insights to increase the commerciality of products to increase sales and to decrease the number of unnecessary contacts to the customer service to decrease costs. 

In the first case, Wonderflow analysed approximately 16k chat interactions between the company headquarters and the regional insurance agents to improve sales performance and knowing the specific needs of geographical areas. Actions taken:

  • Tackle short term complaints from the agents
  • Improve communication with agents
  • Show how their feedback is handeled and processed

Result: The company increased agents satisfaction by 40% in 6 months.

Insurance companies need to learn how to make decisions based on the voice of the customer

In the second case, Wonderflow analysed all emails received by the customer service team (approximately 20k per month), both enquiries and complaints. With this, the company could anticipate common questions and issues so as to prevent them from happening, while increasing customer satisfaction. Actions taken based on the Wonderflow analysis:

  • Improve communication on the website
  • Fuel the customer service knowledge base with more Q&A
  • Clarify documentation and term & conditions of the products

Results: With the insights presented by the Wonderflow dashboard, in the first 3 months, emails to the call centre decreased by 8% by implementing very easy changes, such as changing the format of the accident report. This gave the marketing department the opportunity to interact with the client on different (positive) topics.


With limited effort for the client and within a time span of  only 6 months, the agents’ satisfaction is increaded by 40% and the workload on the customer service department could be reduced giving the marketing department more ‘airtime’ to interact with the clients in order to work on a life-time relation.

The information in this case study is confidential. Brands and company names are anonymized.

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