What Drives Consumers to Write Product Reviews?

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If you ever search through e-commerce sites like Amazon you might find it surprising that there can be more than 1,000 reviews on an extension cord (https://goo.gl/KIBmLG) and only a handful of reviews for the TV that some consider the …

Why Banks Should Start Reading Online Reviews

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A few years back, only the ones close to you would have heard about the terrible or amazing experiences you had with a brand. Now, you can find it all over the web. This transparent way of communicating allows for anyone across the …

Wonderflow Unveils New Brand

Jeroen Wilhelm PR

We have just launched our new brand. We believe it reflects our passion and commitment for consumer-based innovation. The logo comes with new fonts, design and a renewed company statement, Advanced Consumer Feedback Analysis. 

Wonder Interviews: Fred Rocha, Memeoirs

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First of a series of interviews with founders and executives from technology-driven companies. Today’s entrepreneur is Fred Rocha, COO and founder ofMemeoirs. The company transforms conversations into books and sells them all over the world.