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Video: What can employers do to increase employee satisfaction

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Employees are an essential and irreplaceable part of a company. What can an employer do, in order to keep their employees not only satisfied but motivated to contribute actively to the growth of the firm? In this video, Riccardo Osti shares three ways to improve employee satisfaction, immediately.

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The first step is to look at employee feedback as an essential component of the company’s strategy. Use an enterprise-grade software to collect and analyze employee feedback.  If you plan to perform all these tasks internally, you will dramatically increase the chances of failing. The technology mix that you need is complex, and it’s not worth it for a brand to invest in building it.

Understanding where you are today, in terms of employee satisfaction, is key to getting the ongoing feedback process running.  After determining where you are today, in terms of satisfaction and engagement, you should set your mid and long term goals. These goals should be connected to an employee development roadmap, as well as to the business roadmap of your company. Creating milestones where employee engagement and business performance are connected to each other is the key to create a data-driven mentality in your company, and grow.

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