Automatic Insights Extraction

Over the last years we helped hundreds of managers to find the answers to their most important questions. We have been silently working to automate this process and enable anyone to access meaningful insights by just opening the Wonderboard. Our latest innovation, called Automatic Insights, is a step ahead.

You can pre-program your most common questions about products and services analysed. The Wonderboard will find the answers in the analysis and will create sentences that you can simply read.

To do this we use a proprietary technology of Natural Language Generation, which simulates human writing and interpretation capabilities, while providing answers that are always unbiased.

Questions often include: which are the most positive and the most negative topics for the products? Are those topics relevant or not? How is the product performing compared to the its market category? What are the most relevant aspects for target customers (gender, age, star rating, geography)? How are our products performing compare to the previous year or a competitor

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