The Economic Value of Consumer Feedback

How much is customer feedback really worth to a company?

As the leading provider of Consumer Feedback analysis we are often asked how to calculate the return on investment of the Wonderboard. We have created a formula that helps you measure the ROI of managing consumer feedback analysis in the right way versus not doing it.

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Our white paper - How much is customer feedback really worth to a company? The economic value of customer feedback include:

  • Aids to analyze a holistic measurement system versus single touch points.
  • Lists the benefits in terms of revenue generation and cost savings.
  • Proposes a formula to calculate ROI of projects that improve customer experience.

After reading it, you will be able to:

  • View all the touchpoints of customer feedback in one single journey.
  • Understand the economic impact of customer service excellence.
  • Compare the performance of investing in customer service excellence relative to other investments in serving customers.