Unveil actionable insights from consumer feedback

Give your teams the ultimate tool to integrate the voice of the customer into product development, contact centers, customer experience, and more.

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Wonderflow empowers your teams to create better products and services

Our Artificial Intelligence tool unveils actionable insights from feedback through Natural Language Processing (NLP). From over 200 sources, including ratings and reviews, contact center data, and social media posts, Wonderflow analyzes unstructured and structured feedback, so your people can focus on what matters most: delighting customers and driving your business forward.

How we work

Cost savings

Our clients report saving up to 80% on traditional research costs and CMI solutions


Focus on what matters

Our clients save 90% of their time usually spent on data analysis and reporting


Involve all the stakeholders

The adoption rate of the Wonderboard is 10x higher than market average

Leading companies leverage Wonderflow's Artificial Intelligence solution

Brands we work with

Our AI solution unveils deep and accurate insights from 200+ sources of feedback


Data collection

Wonderflow is a leader in the scraping and collection of feedback from public and private sources. Add sources such as ratings and reviews, contact center data, free-text NPS results, and many more.

Cleaning and transformation

After unifying all the feedback from different channels into one standard, Wonderflow cleans and anonymizes the feedback to ensure the highest standard for analysis and compliance.

Data analysis

Wonderflow automatically reads and interprets texts and sentiment through Natural Language Processing (NLP). This process is automated and ensures excellent accuracy and granularity.


The insights are published in your user-friendly dashboard. Onboard unlimited users to allow the insights to be embedded throughout your departments.
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