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The challenge – On a daily base, companies receive an enormous amount of customer feedback in many forms. In other words, they’re inundated with the Voice of the Customer. Many of them struggle to collect, analyze and use this enormous amount of data, despite their wish to become even more customer-centric.

The solution – Wonderflow offers a solution that tackles this problem from A to Z. Through our use of  AI-based technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we provide you with important advantages.

How we work

Cost savings

Our clients save up to 50% of research costs


Less time

Our clients save 90% of their time on data analysis and reporting


Increase involvement

Adoption rate is 10x higher than average

Brands we work with


Analyzing data from customer service and chat.

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Collect consumer feedback on e-commerce.

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Get user feedback through an app.

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Global capability, many languages and channels.

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Customer feedback for hard- and software.

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Brands we work with

How we work


Data collection

We collect customer feedback from public and private sources, in multiple languages.

Data analysis

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), our technology automatically reads and interprets texts and sentiments. This process is fully automated.


Actionable insights are published on the dashboard and are accessible to everyone 24/7.
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