Customer feedback solution 
for consumer centric companies

Are you a consumer centric company or do you want to become one? Wonderflow can help you with consumer-driven innovation.

We collect, analyse and process your consumer feedback and turn it into useful insights and actions. 

Customer Feedback Management

You're in good company:


Global leaders use Wonderflow to gather and analyse any kind of unstructured feedback from consumers. Thanks to our unique process, results are presented to the management with an unparalleled level of actionability, which is sufficient to make crucial business decisions.

no hasstle consumer feedback management

100% No-Hassle

We take care of the entire analysis process, from data collection to publishing, which saves companies 90% of time when doing research
start faster consumer feedback management

Start faster

Thanks to our technology, process and proprietary knowledge, our setup time is up to 80% shorter than market average
accuracy consumer feedback management

Best accuracy

The Wonderboard tested by clients, has proven to be up to 40% more accurate than any other text analysis provider
best UI consumer feedback management

World’s best UI

We have designed the Wonderboard to be used by business users, not by technical people. As a result we have +1000% users adoption rate within our clients

Descriptive analytics

The Wonderboard is used by global leaders to have a clear view on customers opinion about their products and services. We help the best brands know strengths and weaknesses, so they can design improvements, create new products and enhance their marketing and communication strategies to beat competitors. Read more...

Descriptive Analytics consumer feedback management
predictive analytics consumer feedback management

Predictive analytics

Our goal is to encourage clients to take important decisions based on consumer data, towards a more consumer centric approach. Our technology can already predict how your star rating or NPS will look like if you decide to take certain actions today. Use the Wonderboard to make informed
and more relaxed decisions.

Automatic insights extraction

You will be able to create a list of your most important questions. The Wonderboard will process the data and generate textual answers automatically. Results are generated mathematically, with no bias. You won’t need to hire a market research agency anymore. Read more...


Become an expert

Are you struggling to analyze your customer feedback? Then it is time become an expert in how to turn the voice of consumer into actions that actually improve your business.

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